Vivace Head Chef Davide Ferraro

Head Chef  Vivace Restaurant

Head Chef
Vivace Restaurant

There’s a distinct warmth and charm that resides in the generous spirit of Vivace Head Chef Davide Ferraro… and it’s as genuine as his Italian origins.

Davide Ferraro, 32, was born and raised in the ancient city of Turin (Torino), located in the picturesque Alpine region of Northern Italy. Torino is the second largest business district after Milan and is famous for its Universities, Art Galleries, Museums, Palaces and Restaurants and is also the home of Alfa Romeo.

Davide is the only son of his proud parents of whom he says were the greatest influence in his life. Davide’s  father a talented craftsman and his mother and grandmother (Nona) both exceptional cooks, leaves us with little wonder as to where gets his innate flare and creativity with food.

In the year 1998, Davide began his chef career which provided him opportunity to travel and work in some of Europe’s great restaurants.

When Davide met and wooed his Aussie girlfriend, Amanda whilst working in London, it is of no surprise that she was unable to resist the combination of Davide’s charm and heavy Italian accent – not to mention his talent the kitchen!

Their whirlwind romance, like a novel, led Davide by the heart to knock on Australia’s door where it was Vivace owner, Chris Favaloro who opened it with welcoming arms and a sponsorship opportunity.

This collaboration has been a wonderful experience for both Davide and the Vivace Team for the past 4 years. Vivace’s kitchen team has enjoyed the knowledge and influence brought to them with Davide’s Italian heritage and has ignited the rebirth of our Italian – named restaurant, bringing Vivace back to the forefront of Melbourne’s leading Authentic Italian restaurants and in January this year, earning Davide his stripes as Vivace’s Head Chef.

Family, Tradition, Passion and Respect….This is Davide’s motto in life as it is in his work and the food he produces for our diners.

His love affair with Australia and Vivace continues to grow and we hope is enduring for a long time to come as we welcome the arrival of the couples first child, due in September.

So if ever you are passing the Vivace kitchen, you just might hear the unashamed Italian singing echoing through the walls, you will now know it is Davide Ferraro, so be sure to say ‘ciao’ Hello!