Vivace Co Host – Andrew Zoli

Andrew Zoli

Andrew 'Andy' Zoli

Andrew ‘Andy’ Zoli is Vivace Restaurant’s popular and much loved Co-Host and first cousin of Vivace Owner Chris Favaloro.

If you’re a bloke you’ve probably shared a joke a hand shake and a slap on the back. If you’re a lady you’ve probably shared a friendly smooch on the cheek.

Andrew is his name and affection is his game.

Now in the third business that this dynamic duo have operated together, it’s easy to see why they move around the dining room completely in-sync with one another in a seemingly effortless collaboration.<

Andrew was born in Melbourne and moved with his parents to Queensland’s Gold Coast at age 5.

Soon after, Andrew’s father Danny, a successful businessman and entrepreneur opened the multi award winning and world renowned waterfront restaurant ‘Danny’s’ where in the late 1980’s he played host to International superstars U2 and Luciano Pavarotti to name a few.

As a young teenager Andrew worked alongside his father learning the ropes. At an incredibly young age he quickly learned invaluable lessons of the restaurant industry and its culture. Those who knew Andrew in his early years say that it was obvious then that he was a gifted people’s person like his father, who by now was a Gold Coast restaurant icon. I guess you could say it’s in his blood.

Tragically, Danny passed away unexpectedly when Andrew was just 14 years old. Too young to take over the business, it had to be sold. Danny’s legacy continues with Andrew, his zest for life, passion for food, fun and customer satisfaction with service excellence.

Andrew builds genuine rapport with our diner’s and many would consider him a friend.

Andrew has also worked for many iconic Melbourne restaurants including Cafe e Cucina and Sapore, before joining the team at Vivace in 2008.

On his days off, Andrew brings as much passion and enthusiasm to the golf course as he does co-hosting at Vivace. You can often spot him on the fairways at various local Bayside golf courses and aspires to playing a round at ‘The National’ as the ultimate golfing experience.

So when you’re at Vivace next be sure to look out for our talented Maitre d’, he just may be the one serving you!

Article by Sharee Favaloro